Dept. Functional Materials

The department "Functional Materials" at Fraunhofer IPA has been conducting research and development on functional materials such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene since 2000.

With the mission to shorten the development time of new products and/or services as well as to enhance customers' international competitiveness, our researchers offer the optimal solution for each customer.

In order to conduct research and development toward commercialization, we - among other things - analyse the needs of the industry in advance and apply easily up-scalable production methods. We also promote to build up global networks with experts and industry partners, in which we can enhance the strength of each other and work together as an open innovation. 



Synthesis and Functionalization

In addition to creating customized composite materials, the group “Synthesis and Functionalization” also develops manufacturing and modification technologies for new materials.


Additive Manufacturing and Process Development

The group “Additive manufacturing – Process development” aims at developing end-to-end processes for existing technologies. Besides optimizing processes, the group also designs machinery and further develops materials.


Application Technology

Within the scope of R&D projects, the group “Application of multi-functional layers” develops individual printing and coating solutions for resource-efficient and cost-effective production processes.