German-Japanese High-tech Dialogue

Date&Time: June 30, 2016, 9:30-17:30
Venue: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Institutszentrum Stuttgart (IZS)
(Nobelstr. 12, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany)
Participation Fee: 210 Euro

To face the challenges such as rising competition and shrinking profits international collaboration is needed. Within all the global collaboration possibilities the German and Japanese are very unique. Despite the geographical distance both countries have much in common. Both are leading high-tech nations with a huge proportion of exporting business, excellent economic and scientific infrastructures. Due to these opportunities large German and Japanese enterprises have been in intense collaboration for long. An initiative of German and Japanese Stakeholders likes to open this potential for small and medium-sized companies and build the bridge between German and Japanese.

For the first time, the German-Japanese High-Tech Dialogue is going to organize this unique event »German-Japanese High-Tech Dialogue« on June 30th, 2016 in Stuttgart/Germany. This time we would like to introduce the activities and provide you the latest information of German and Japanese companies working on IoT, printed electronics, advanced applications and networking.

We look forward to your participation and interesting discussion on the topic of German-Japanese high-tech.



09.00    Reception with coffee and tea, handing out of the seminar documents

09.30   Opening Remarks
            Ivica KOLARIC (Head of Department, Fraunhofer IPA (DE) & Co-Director FPC at AIST Kansai (JP))

09.35    The Importance of Japan for the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
            Marianne HOFFMANN (Business Development Manager Asia, Fraunhofer International (DE))

09.50   Baden-Württemberg – the perfect Location for your Business Opportunities between Japanese and German Companies
            Beate ANDO (Regional Manager Japan, Baden-Württemberg International (DE))

10.00    How to establish a reliable Partnership:Information – Contact – Cooperation 
            Sabine GANTHER-RICHTER (Network for Science (DE))

10.10   Cluster2Cluster Cooperation, Building Bridges, National and International
            Dr. Peter GRAMBOW (Head of Cluster, Nano Initiative Bayern (DE))

10.20    Coffee Break

10.35    Importance of Synthetic Electronics for Cyber Physical Systems
            Ivica KOLARIC

11.00    Predictive Engineering and Production with Simulation by SIM (Simulation Integrated Manufacturing)
            Dr. Masahiro NAKAMURA (CEO, LEXER Research Inc. (JP))

11.25   The Usage of Three Role Mills for Battery Production
            Ulf KÖPKE (Head of R&D, EXAKT Advanced Technologies GmbH (DE))

11.50    The Internet of Things as Driver in the Live Cycle of a Product – Integration of Shop Floor, Logistics, Service and Maintenance                     Wolfgang MOELLER (NTT DATA group company – itelligence AG (JP))

12.15    Lunch Break and Networking

13.30    Direct Electrode Formation of GaN-based LED by Printed Electronics Technology
            Dr. Yukiyasu KASHIWAGI (Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute OMTRI (JP))

13.55    Nano Carbon Supercapacitor Electrodes
             Raphael NEUHAUS (Application Technology, Fraunhofer IPA (DE))

14.20    Plasma optimized Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing
            Dr. Christopher HUBRICH (Synthesis and Functionalization, Fraunhofer IPA (DE))

14.45    A programmable Micropipette System based on Carbon Nanotube Electroactive Polymer Actuator
            Dr. Kenji GOYA (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technologies AIST (JP))

15.10    Conveying Wave Technology – Bridging the Gap between the Peristaltic and the Diaphragm Pump
            Lars REDSCHLAG (qonqave GmbH (DE))

15.35    Coffee Break

15.50    International Collaboration on Nano Carbon Actuators: Actuation and Application
            Dr. Takushi SUGINO (AIST (JP))

16.15    Screen Printed Ionic EAP Actuators – Influence of Electrode Thickness on Actuation Performance
            Florian BONDY (Application Technology, Fraunhofer IPA (DE))

16.40    Functional Sheets Using Special Carbon Materials at Tokushu Tokai Paper Co., Ltd.
            Hiromichi WATANABE (President, TT Trading, Co., Ltd. (JP))

17.05    Efficient Integration for Japanese Companies in Germany
            Marco INVERNIZZI (Lyogroup Unternehmens- und Managementberatung (DE))

17.15   Final Discussion and concluding remarks
            Ivica KOLARIC

17.30    Networking Reception